26 - 27 November, 2018
Kuwait City, Kuwait

Marco Blankenburgh

International Director

9:00 AM Work culture: Creating a dynamic, innovative and high performing workspace and environment

Every organisation strives to create a high-performing and innovative culture for driving continuous growth. With the energy industry hit with high volatility over the past few years, and oil and gas companies witnessing massive changes in their organisation structure and hierarchy, culture remains the key to ensuring sustainable growth and a happy, motivated and a self driven workforce.

Attend the workshop to:
  • Understand how personal engagement has been key for improved performances in organisations
  • Relevance of work culture to reducing absenteeism and turnover to increasing productivity and profitability
  • Creating a dynamic, self empowerment culture to promote innovations and responsibility
  • Inter department harmony and combating diversity issues
  • How each individual can make an impact in uplifting the ambience in their workspace and how the workspace and environment can lift their motivation
  • Local and expat retention and growth and its relevance to work culture

11:30 AM Building the next generation oil and gas environment

The oil and gas industry, just like any other industry has been adopting to newer and next generation approaches in order to cater and remain attractive to the future workforce. Always a classic, old school and highly professional and skilled industry, there has been a shift in the way organisations work currently. With more emphasis now given to innovation, liberation and youth development, the industry is readying itself to remain an attractive industry for the years to come

Attend the workshop to:
  • Learn about building and developing the national talent pool and creating national leadership development programmes
  • Understanding future succession planning and how the skilled national youth can enable stability and self sustainability
  • Women in energy sector and empowering women leadership
  • E-learning programs and making the most out of futuristic technologies
  • Using virtual training methods, AI and how to train the next generation of millenials
  • Attracting the energy industry to environment conscious youth
  • Multicultural environments for a future ready industry

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Marco.

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